Princess Pricklepants, the Animated Feature(s)

Dear reader,

Exciting news!  We now present to you two animated features highly worth watching.

First, we present Hedgezilla vs. Mecha-Hedgezilla, our very brief homage to Godzilla movies.  It even has a delightful soundtrack.


Secondly, we present to you this magnificent, refined, and tasteful book trailer which is an elegant and captivating viewing experience:

As an added bonus, we’re included for free, this additional video, which is less magnificent, refined, and tasteful, but still delightful as a viewing experience:

We hope you enjoyed these.  The book trailers refer to this remarkable work of literature which if you don’t have a copy of you should make sure to order so you can get it in time for Christmas:

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been working on learning how to create animations. Expect more to come, and subscribe to our Youtube channel if you’s like to keep up.

As a special ultimate bonus finale, we present yet another new video:

Coming soon: Princess Pricklepants, Novelist.

The New Book Is Here!


It’s here! Our new book is now up on the Createspace site and you can order it:

Just go to the page, hit “Add To Cart” then check out, and in some amount of time the book will be in your hands to read, admire, impress friends with, trick museum employees with, confuse art historians with, or to use in any other way you see fit, though we ask you to be nice to the book.

The book features more than 40 works of hedgehog-centric art from various periods of art history along with original amusing and delightful commentary.

Also available on amazon here:

For those across the pond, it’s available here:

If you’re looking for Hedgehog Art Through The Ages Shirts, they can be found here:

Princess Pricklepants and Hedgehog Art Through History – A Book Review

Dear reader, sorry for the brief blog hiatus.

In today’s unique post we review the interesting and sublime book, Hedgehog Art Through The Ages by S. M. Bach and P. P. Pricklepants.  For our book review, we will include very special guest hedgehog spokesmodel, our very own Princess Perdita Pricklepants.


We begin with the front cover, which is nicely illustrative of the nature of the contents. Despite the appearance of an expression of disapproval, Her Highness fully approves of this cover.


The book has quite striking and impressive cover art, that looks just like the kind of cover art a book of this type would have.


The cover also serves as a convenient teacup holder/coaster.


The back cover is both attractive and helpfully illustrative of the contents of the book as well, with hedgehog-scale photos of some highlights of the contents, and a general feel of an actual book, which it totally is.


The book is also simply marvelous to behold.


Interior illustrations include write-ups full of witty, delightful flowing prose.


The interior takes the reader through many periods of art history from the Renaissance through the Modern period, all of which are wonderful, delightful, and fascinating.


This book includes an extensive and delightful section on Japanese hedgehog art, with a fascinating and delightful look at Hedgezilla.



This book is also suitable as a playscape for smaller pets.


The cover/binding are designed with safety in mind with pets, even when presenting the sometimes dangerous Modern art.

We’re excited and pleased to announce that this book will be available soon – we’ll update this site once we have order information.

Princess Pricklepants, Disliker of Manners

Dear reader,

After a helpful delay to teach readers patience, we have returned.  In the interim there’ve been few messages other than Quentin saying things we won’t repeat on this blog to avoid embarrassing him.

Things have been marching along with Her Highness’ education, without any notable issues or events.  She saved Tokyo, continued in truly fascinating art research, had a Disney adventure, and a few other things, but nothing so noteworthy as to mention in a blog.

And so we begin our story with a picture with words under it.*

*We also being our sentences with conjunctions.


Princess Pricklepants woke up to another day of learning to be the proper Princess she was born to be, regardless of free will.

Her manners education was not a thing she was very pleased about.  Living with Dinomarm, her manners educator, was not like My Fair Hedgehog. Dinomarm made her walk with books on her head to develop grace and poise.


The staying on the head part really never quite worked out, and Her Highness really wasn’t so sure about grace and poise.


Worse, there were tables to crawl under with great grace and poise, but apparently this was poor etiquette according to some picky manners instructors.


She also had to wear fancy hats.  She was not fond of wearing fancy hats.  Not at all. She was certain that hedgehogs were not born to wear hats.



Sometimes hats were even worse.

Since she wasn’t delighted by her manners lessons, for a while she’d tried to find places to hide.


The living room’s IKEA table was too small.


The kitchen’s IKEA table was also too small.

With no places to hide, Princess Pricklepants decided she did not want to be a hedgehog princess anymore.

And so, Princess Pricklepants decided to be a squirrel.


Being a squirrel was not bad at first, but when she got hungry, she learned that squirrels eat acorns.  She did not like eating acorns at all. Princess Pricklepants did not want to be a squirrel any more.

And so Princess Pricklepants decided to be a Viking.


Being a Viking sounded great at first, though when she found out about needing to ride in boats and raid villages in East Anglia, it sounded less great.  When she decided to eat, though, that’s when it all fell apart.  Apparently Vikings only eat lutefisk, and that’s not something anyone should ever eat, really.  Also Vikings wear hats.

Princess Pricklepants did not want to be a Viking any more.

And so Princess Pricklepants decided to be a pirate.


It turns out there’s really very little difference between being a pirate, and being a Viking, besides the food, but pirate food is best left not discussed, since it’s almost as bad as Viking food.  Also Pirates wear hats.

Princess Pricklepants didn’t want to be a Pirate any more.

And so Princess Pricklepants decided to be a stop-motion animated hedgehog in a dark fantasy musical film feature.


While there were no hats, this experience immediately failed to be nearly as satisfying as it first seemed, and was deemed a terrible idea quickly. Stop-motion animated hedgehogs in a dark fantasy musical film features don’t eat.

Princess Pricklepants didn’t want to be a stop-motion animated hedgehog any more.

And so she decided to be a clothing model.


She quickly realized that this was not her calling.  If hats were bad, clothes were much, much worse and not at all suited to a hedgehog, princess or otherwise.

Princess Pricklepants didn’t want to be a clothing model any more.

Her Highness realized that none of these were suited for a hedgehog princess, and that being a hedgehog princess was not nearly as bad as it first had seemed.

So she went back to studying etiquette again since studying etiquette was not nearly as bad as being a squirrel, a viking, a pirate, a stop-motion animated hedgehog in a dark fantasy musical film feature, or a clothing model.


After all, there was tea and cookies.


The New Princess

We’ve adopted a new Princes.  Princess (Name To Be Determined) Pricklepants.  The Council hasn’t come to a decision on a final name.  Some candidates are:








Her Highness is eating and drinking in her new home, and enjoyed anointing the hand servants with the two offerings.

As a result, she’s already had her first bath:


The princess also been given her first lesson:


“Wait, you want me to do what!?”



No!  No!  No no no!


“Hold on, I’m busy checking email.”


“Heh, nobody will ever find me here.”

Her place upon the throne has been secured.  More updates to come.

Princess Penelope Pricklepants, Sept 2013 – July 2016

Alas, there is no good way to say this.  Her Highness, Princess Penelope Pricklepants has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Beloved by friends, family, pets, and fans, she will be sorely missed. She was a light that burned twice as bright, but half as long, bringing delight and wonder.  All the best to her in her journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

Princess Penelope Pricklepants
Sept. 2013 – July. 2016
RIP, dearest sweetest hedgehog ever, you will be sorely missed.

rainbow bridge

rainbow bridge

Twenty Incredible Hedgehog Facts That Will Astound You

Dear Reader,

Here we have one more selection of hedgehog facts following on our last Twenty Two Mind-Blowing Hedgehog Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Hedgehogs Forever. We apologize for this introductory paragraph, which serves little to no purpose.  We love introductory paragraphs so much that even when we don’t really need one for an article, we still feel compelled.  This one’s even worse since not only is it unneeded, but at this point it’s rambling on without even saying anything of any significance.  At this point we’re basically trapped, unable to find a suitable ending to a paragraph that need not even exist, so we’re just going to stop and again beg our pardon.  So now, on to the facts.

1. Hedgehog fact: More than one hedgehog fact is just an excuse to use a picture.



2. Attention deficit disorder hedgehog fact.



3. An incredible Sonic The Hedgehog related fact.



4. Fact: There are a lot of dorky hedgehog facts.



5. Fact: “The Trouble With Hedgehog Facts” is nine out of ten hedgehogs’ favorite Star Trek episode.  The rest prefer “The City on the Edge of Forever.”



6. Fact: hedgehog facts that are images with white backgrounds look a little funny.



7. A self-evident hedgehog fact.



8. Something all hedgehog owners know.



9. Don’t we all, though?



10. Mine! Fact!



11.Sometimes hedgehog facts are complicated.



12. Fact: Venti cups are objectively anti-hedgehog.



13. Fact: Hedgehogs are fun in many work environments, as well as non-work environments.



14. Fact: This is not just a problem for hedgehogs.



15: Cheese facts are the best facts.



16. Fact: We used this fact last time, but liked it so much, we’re using it again.



17. This fact is so true it doesn’t even require a brief preceding description, though we put one here anyway.



18.  Fact: We’re not air conditioning the entire neighborhood, young man.



19. Fact: So far as recent hedgehog art discoveries go, this is historic. In early 2016, hedgehog art researchers at the Louvre applied laboratory analysis of reflective light and color analysis to the Mona Lisa and made a truly remarkable discovery based on a recently discovered notebook by Da Vinci. The notebook referred to the work as “La Gioconda con Riccio” (happiness with hedgehog), while underpainting analysis now confirms the original work is actually a masterwork of hedgehog art. These are exciting times for hedgehog art critics and historians. We now know what the Original Mona Lisa looks like.




20. Fact: All fear the Hedgehog of War.



21. Bonus fact.



22. A first for hedgehog facts – a bonus bonus fact.


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