Princess Pricklepants Presents A Minor Delay

Dear readers,

While we have the comic prepared for this week’s PPP, due to illness in the family we didn’t get it published yesterday morning. While the handservant’s fever is managed now, we’ll resume publishing on Sat, Dec. 22, when we will present:

Princess Pricklepants Presents: The Duel.

This one needs a proper morning release and a weekend of devoted care.

In lieu of a delightful comic, please enjoy this classic holiday photo:48373288_10217904197820749_2213523078028197888_o

As a bonus, we present this delightful photo of Princess Penelope as a wee Warrior Princess.


See you next Saturday!

Princess Pricklepants Presents Bat-Hog vs. Count Hogula Part II – Delightful Details

Today we published Princess Pricklepants Presents issue no. 8: Count Hogula Part II (we forgot we needed a title until it was too late).  In case you missed it, here it is:


We didn’t go into the details of the previous comic since it was a little less exciting art-wise, and seemed pretty straightforward. It was mostly prep to get us to this comic.


Since Bat-Hog entered the graveyard Hogula is in, we got to make everything Goreyesque, which is good. We’re not great with the comic styling we were using in the previous comic, and don’t especially like it, so we were very happy to escape to this.  Also coloring is hard, so all black-and-white is nice, except shading with crosshatching is harder than coloring, so darn.

The highly hatched hog-rocket landing generally pleased us. We fiddled with it a lot, and would have fiddled more only at some point you just have to stop. It doesn’t quite draw the eye to tell the story of the landing as much as we’d like, but we’re picky. Bat-hog’s determined walk through the bleak snowy graveyard towards the crypt, the tombstones, the crypt in the distance, these we like. In the layout we bled the two top panels together to give some sense of motion.


A dramatic meeting. We worked on each expression for a good while to get a very serious, stern Bat-Hog. Empty white holes in a mask are nice and easy for making expressions. We made a much more mysterious Hogula that invited multiple readings. Bat-Hog’s quills are a lot more varied than Hogula’s since he just crashed in a Hog-Rocket. The conceit for the bottom panels gets set up here, writ small.


We put a tiny message in here about the shadows, because it’s not how shadows work. We fiddled a while, reached a point where we could live with the wrongness, and left a confessional note. Nice dramatic left panel, I think. We added the bats late, but once we thought of it, they really helped things pop.


Bat-Hog’s quills will never settle until crime has ended. The shadows again, let’s not talk about those. We played up the mirrored Bat-Hog and Hogula, each with their long dark cape/cloaks, their bats, and other similarities for the comic, but now we really want to make a vampire Batman just to test things out some more.

We left things hanging with poor Hogula complaining about suffering unfair prejudice by the living, next week we will fill in more, so stay tuned.

An Update On Princess Perdita’s Health

Dear everyone, here we offer here a (rather long) proclamation on Her Royal Highness’s health and well being which we hope will answer any questions you might have. We also include several photos of Her Highness taken today.

DSC_0690 (1)

Her Highness thanks you all for the great outpouring of concern, kindness, and offers of help. We are grateful and it warms our heart to see good in the world coming forward in times of need. You all are the best and are proof that good will triumph.

Please let your hearts rest easy. Her Highness is doing fairly well and far better than she was a week ago. After many tests the vet determined from a blood test that the issues Her Highness was seeing were caused by kidney problems. It might be that Her Highness’s selective picking out of some bits of kibble might have increased her protein and caused some troubles, but we can only guess. Knowing the cause lets us treat the issue, so we’re grateful to the vet for figuring this out. If you’re in Austin, the vets and staff at Research Boulevard Pet & Bird Hospital are all very good.

Her Highness was dehydrated a week ago, but is now doing well on that front, and back to drinking her water as usual. This is an excellent improvement. Since last Wednesday Her Highness has taken daily trips to the vet to get subcutaneous fluids for fluid support to help keep her electrolytes in balance and get her system cleaned up. Today was the first day we didn’t take her to the vet, but we were trained in doing the subcutaneous fluid treatment (don’t ask) and that therapy is continuing.


Her Highness’ weight had gotten troublingly low, but at this point has stabilized and we seem on track for a healthy recovery.

The vet gave the hand servants an anti-nausea med that is being administered twice a day. This seems to be helping with interest in food.

The royal palace has had some extra heating added to ensure it’s extra comfortable for Her Highness as she lounges in the Huffledome, and this is being monitored with great care. While it had been somewhere in the mid 70s to low 80s, it’s now in the mid 80s to low 90s to help while Her Highness has a bit less weight for heat regulation.
The hand servants are still hand feeding a diet the vet provided via syringe, but are attempting to coax Her Highness to try a bit of food with limited success, but feeding via syringe is easy and Her Highness is a good, helpful patient so there there’s much food in the hedgie (and much food on the humans).


Her Highness is perky, sniffy, and by all signs appears to be feeling bette. She is sniffing around her home, occasionally liner diving, and visiting the wheel a little (though not much yet).

She is happy to receive pets from the hands and plays with the hands like normal, playing endless tunnel, and flip floop, and nuzzle rub, and so on.


In all, while Her Highness still has some issues that require extra care, they seem manageable. The hand servants will do all they can to ensure Her Highness is healthy, comfortable and well cared for.