Princess Perdita Pricklepants Mar. 2016 – Feb. 2019

It is with terrible sadness and a very heavy heart that we must report that Her Highness Princess Perdita Pricklepants has passed away.

Her Highness had been fighting with kidney disease for six months, but ultimately passed. She was happy even in her final days. She had grown accustomed to hand feeding and enjoyed being petted and adored during her morning and evening feeding times.

A genuinely gentle, patient, and kind spirit mixed with a curious and exploring nature perfectly in her nature. Always happy to be held and played with, and always excited to immediately look underneath any and every prop when on a photo set.

Beloved by friends, family, pets, and fans, she will be sorely missed. She was a light that burned twice as bright, but half as long, bringing delight and wonder.  All the best to her in her journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

Princess Perdita Pricklepants
Mar. 2016 – Feb. 2019
RIP, dearest sweetest hedgehog ever, you will be sorely missed.


2 thoughts on “Princess Perdita Pricklepants Mar. 2016 – Feb. 2019

  1. I lost my hedgehog last year and it has been one of the biggest sadness in my life. I am so sorry for your lost. She was a great model and a beautiful baby.


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