A Handful of Hedgehog

Princess Pricklepants has been growing steadily, her last weigh-in put her at 10.4 oz/295 g.  While she no longer is as small as she was even a week ago, she’s still not very big.  She’s easy to carry in one hand.  She sometimes will fall asleep in your hand if you are boring enough to her, and she falls asleep sitting on my leg or stomach with my hand over her head a lot.  She’ll walk up to my hand,  push her nose under my hand to get underneath, then curl up into a ball with her head pressed against my palm and fall asleep.

We think she’s just about done growing at this point (though only time will tell).  She’s around the average weight for an adult hedgehog, though there is some variety in sizes.

Here she is being held by Sophie.


Looking around.


Getting sleepier.


She’s out.


Napping comfortably in Sophie’s hand.


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