Huffy In the Pringles Tube

Princess is usually in a pretty good mood, but when she wakes up she has her transition period where instead of being prickly-bear-the-cute, she’s prickly-angry-bear and it’s scary.   An easy way to tell is if you can’t see her eyes.  This means she’s pulled the quills down over them and is aiming them at you.  Also if the ears are pushed down from the quills pushing them down.  If he hisses and huffs, that’s also a good indicator.


Annoyed to the left.


Annoyed to the center.


Annoyed to the right.

All angles of irritation are covered here for your convenience.  Poor sweet little princess, she really wasn’t feeling well.  Her skin is a little dry, we are thinking that’s the issue and are working on making her more comfortable.

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