Teacup Photo Fail

First off, OMG!  We made Cute Cute Overload!  Yay!

For an additional First off, Merry Christmas!

Secondly, there is a Christmas Photo contest we are in, so if you wanted to look at it and vote for whatever photo you wanted that’d be awesome.  Don’t feel any pressure to vote for us, even if you’d feel terrible, lingering, pressing guilt about not voting for us, since our photo (#53) is really kind of good.  We like it anyway.  You can vote for as many entries as you want, but only vote once.


And finally, Princess has grown a lot since we first took that teacup profile pic (yeah, it’s a coffee mug, but she prefers “teacup” – she’s a dainty princess, after all).  She was a teeny little baby girl at that point.  Now she’s more like a teenage princess.  In most senses.

So we though, “Hey, let’s take some pictures of her in the teacup (coffee mug) now, to give a little sense of how she’s grown larger and cuter, and more adorable, and sweeter, and oh, my little princess, I need to pick you up and hold you close, we’ll do photos later.”  Later we did photos.  This went poorly.


Wrong end.


Put her back in the cup, grabbed camera, she bolted for the wrong area.  Though that corner did smell interesting.  I understand that she had to check it out.


Back in the cup, grab camera, watch full bore escape attempt.  Clearly she was not interested in the cup.  At all.

Haley will help.


Sort of.

Sophie steps in.


More work remains.


Kind of cute, but the angle is all off.  (Light isn’t great, either.)


Ta da!

That was the best we could manage out of 63  attempts, so I’ve decided to like it.  There are a lot of photography nitpicky things that might be said about the photo by nitpicky photographers, but this is a hedgehog blog, not National Geographic, so it’ll do.