Twenty Incredible Hedgehog Facts That Will Astound You

Dear Reader,

Here we have one more selection of hedgehog facts following on our last Twenty Two Mind-Blowing Hedgehog Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Hedgehogs Forever. We apologize for this introductory paragraph, which serves little to no purpose.  We love introductory paragraphs so much that even when we don’t really need one for an article, we still feel compelled.  This one’s even worse since not only is it unneeded, but at this point it’s rambling on without even saying anything of any significance.  At this point we’re basically trapped, unable to find a suitable ending to a paragraph that need not even exist, so we’re just going to stop and again beg our pardon.  So now, on to the facts.

1. Hedgehog fact: More than one hedgehog fact is just an excuse to use a picture.



2. Attention deficit disorder hedgehog fact.



3. An incredible Sonic The Hedgehog related fact.



4. Fact: There are a lot of dorky hedgehog facts.



5. Fact: “The Trouble With Hedgehog Facts” is nine out of ten hedgehogs’ favorite Star Trek episode.  The rest prefer “The City on the Edge of Forever.”



6. Fact: hedgehog facts that are images with white backgrounds look a little funny.



7. A self-evident hedgehog fact.



8. Something all hedgehog owners know.



9. Don’t we all, though?



10. Mine! Fact!



11.Sometimes hedgehog facts are complicated.



12. Fact: Venti cups are objectively anti-hedgehog.



13. Fact: Hedgehogs are fun in many work environments, as well as non-work environments.



14. Fact: This is not just a problem for hedgehogs.



15: Cheese facts are the best facts.



16. Fact: We used this fact last time, but liked it so much, we’re using it again.



17. This fact is so true it doesn’t even require a brief preceding description, though we put one here anyway.



18.  Fact: We’re not air conditioning the entire neighborhood, young man.



19. Fact: So far as recent hedgehog art discoveries go, this is historic. In early 2016, hedgehog art researchers at the Louvre applied laboratory analysis of reflective light and color analysis to the Mona Lisa and made a truly remarkable discovery based on a recently discovered notebook by Da Vinci. The notebook referred to the work as “La Gioconda con Riccio” (happiness with hedgehog), while underpainting analysis now confirms the original work is actually a masterwork of hedgehog art. These are exciting times for hedgehog art critics and historians. We now know what the Original Mona Lisa looks like.




20. Fact: All fear the Hedgehog of War.



21. Bonus fact.



22. A first for hedgehog facts – a bonus bonus fact.


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