Princess Evilpants

Greetings feeble mortal, this blog is being briefly interrupted by her terrifying Highness, Princess EVILpants.  No reader letters will be considered, nor will any childish and weak stories be offered by her Terrifyingness, only a brief monologue, as she plots to take over the world.


You see, she and her robot minion army soon will be use the threat of their “death ray” to take over  all world governments and establish a rule of hedgehog supremacy.  No longer will hedgehogs serve humans.  Now humans will serve hedgehogs, creating little homes for them, feeding and bathing them, and catering to their whims.


Wait, that’s pretty much the way things are now.  Never mind.

I suppose we will get to working or reader letters and little stories in a few.

4 thoughts on “Princess Evilpants

  1. Oh, NO!! What happened to our Pleasant, Polite Princess??? Is she under a wicked, evil Spell??? This is a New, Different Princess, for sure!!! … I have been running errands and trying to avoid thunderstorms, not succeeding too well. I was caught in them three times in three days. Very, very tired, so sending love and hugs, Mom

    Sent from my iPad…from Linda



    • Fear not, there was a brief accident involving a transporter malfunction when gathering her from the huffledome, but things have been sorted out. Princess Evilpants was from the Mirror Universe, but the technical glitch was sorted out and our polite Princess has returned.


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