Hi Again, and Things People Search For to Get Here

Hello, sorry for the long hiatus.  Busy times, and vacations hit us.  We’ll be back with actual posts soon, hopefully, but for now here’s a non-actual post.

WordPress has a feature where you can sometimes find out what a search engine’s search terms were that brought them to a site.  Here’s a list of things people searched for that brought them to our site:

  • awesome holding tea cup girl profile pic
  • baby hedgehog falls asleep in hands
  • hedge hog christmas sweater
  • hedgehog in the news
  • hedgehogs giraffe how related
  • mango hedgehog measurement or description
  • picture of notes
  • prickle frog
  • princes penelope prickel pants
  • princess lava lamp
  • princess penelope pricklepants
  • princess pricklepants
  • punxsutawney phil artwork
  • smartest species of hedgehogs

Dear person looking for the awesome holding tea cup girl profile pic, sorry, that’s not here.  Actually, well, many of you didn’t find what you were looking for.  I wish we had a prickle frog, that sounds interesting.  I was so interested in how hedgehogs and giraffes are related, that I googled things, found the laurasiatheria wikipedia page, and then before you knew it I was reading about fish eating bats.

Most of these search terms are fairly awesome, I am truly happy that someone found our picture of notes, and princess lava lamps, even if they maybe weren’t the ones they expected.

And since no post is complete without a picture, here’s our grumpy Princess not cooperating for a photo:


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