Princess Pricklepants, Nature Photographer


It was Princess Sophie’s birthday, so we got Princess Pricklepants a nice present, a new camera.  Say cheese!



She decided to photograph a lovely flower.  She posted it to  431 people said “nice capture, v&f, please take a look at my photos.”  How exciting!  She did not look at their photos, though.




She went for a hike out in nature to see what might be found on her walk.  Amazingly, she found a very rare Mountain Mallard.  



She carefully set up her f/stop, thought about the optimal lighting settings, set her metering, fiddled with the ISO, and then switched to ‘auto.’



She took a few shots of the rare Mountain Mallard.  It stood remarkably still.



She posted the new photo to, got 315 likes, 220 faves, and 933 comments.  Whoo!



Unfortunately National Geographic did not respond.

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