Princess Pricklepants at Grandma’s House

After a long drive and a civil rights crisis at various visitor centers we made it over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s House.


Here’s Princess and Grandma Linda.

And, of course, people held her like they always do.


And she was adorable.  And there was more holding.


And she met my sister Suz. who was very fond of our happy fun ball.


Unfortunately Suz had made a grilled cheese sandwich earlier and smelled delicious.  Very, very delicious.


So delicious that Princess, against her better manners had to taste her finger just a little.  Fortunately we had the camera out so we were able to get a photo.

Suz., Sophie, and Princess P. P. also surfed the web together for a while and spent time reading blog posts about pet hedgehogs and other important things.


While there, for various reasons we went to Hobby Lobby and bought props to take hedgehog photos.  And so the following happened.

It all began when Princess Pricklepants was wandering through the woods and found a wishing well.  Since she hadn’t seen the new Hobbit movie, she wished that she could visit the Shire.


And so it came to pass that she arrived there.


It smelled fantastic.


And it almost tasted as good as grilled cheese sandwich remnants.


Then, for various reasons involving the plot Princess found a treasure chest!


The End.  Or is it?  Hmm, that treasure chest might come in handy in certain future pirate adventures…

Impromptu Hedgehog Fairy Tales might need a little more plot development eventually.

If you look carefully in that treasure chest you’ll see a Latvian 1 lat coin with a hedgehog on it that Suz gave us as an awesome present.

Many other things also happened since we went on a few outings with Fancy, but we already have a lot of photos and a lot of text in here so we’re going to stop adding on to it.

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