And The Hedgehog Pushes Us Over Half a Million Views

We use Flickr to post photos, been using it for a good while to post family photos and nature photography.  Our photo stream is here:

Eastern Pondhawk

On Flickr there’s a thing called being Explored – out of the millions of photos a day that are uploaded, 500 are selected as the most “interesting” (not good exactly, interesting), based on peoples responses to them.  Here are the photos we’ve had explored:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (explored)

We were hanging out in the 490,000 area when we started posting hedgie photos.  Two of them got explored and got around 20,000 views each, and brought a bunch more views to the whole photo stream that pushed us over the 500,000 mark.


The Hedgehog pushes it to half a million.  Half a million views on flickr and $5 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

On an unrelated note, this is the first photo we got explored:

Santa Squirrel:

Santa Squirrel (explored)

And this is our most viewed ever (66,000 views), which made it to #1 in Explore.
Mouse Raiding the Bird Feeder:

Mouse Raiding the Squirrel Feeder (explored)

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