Princess Pricklepants and Hedgehog Art Through History – A Book Review

Dear reader, sorry for the brief blog hiatus.

In today’s unique post we review the interesting and sublime book, Hedgehog Art Through The Ages by S. M. Bach and P. P. Pricklepants.  For our book review, we will include very special guest hedgehog spokesmodel, our very own Princess Perdita Pricklepants.


We begin with the front cover, which is nicely illustrative of the nature of the contents. Despite the appearance of an expression of disapproval, Her Highness fully approves of this cover.


The book has quite striking and impressive cover art, that looks just like the kind of cover art a book of this type would have.


The cover also serves as a convenient teacup holder/coaster.


The back cover is both attractive and helpfully illustrative of the contents of the book as well, with hedgehog-scale photos of some highlights of the contents, and a general feel of an actual book, which it totally is.


The book is also simply marvelous to behold.


Interior illustrations include write-ups full of witty, delightful flowing prose.


The interior takes the reader through many periods of art history from the Renaissance through the Modern period, all of which are wonderful, delightful, and fascinating.


This book includes an extensive and delightful section on Japanese hedgehog art, with a fascinating and delightful look at Hedgezilla.



This book is also suitable as a playscape for smaller pets.


The cover/binding are designed with safety in mind with pets, even when presenting the sometimes dangerous Modern art.

We’re excited and pleased to announce that this book will be available soon – we’ll update this site once we have order information.

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