This is the blog of Princess Perdita Pricklepants, Grand Duchess of Tiggy-Winkle, Defender of Hufflepuff, Empress of Quillonia, and Dominions beyond the Seas.  It was formerly the blog of This is the blog of Princess Penelope Pricklepants, Grand Duchess of Tiggy-Winkle, Defender of Hufflepuff, Empress of Quillonia, and Dominions beyond the Seas. Both  Princesses were born at Janda Exotics.

On this blog we document her adventures as: Pirate adventurer, Princess, Model, Space Explorer, Pianist, Farmer, Fashionista, Terrible Driver, Startup Founder, Hedgehog of Mystery, Pet, and many other things.

Have questions or comments about manners, grace, delightfulness, hedgehogs, space travel, pirate adventures, founding a startup, grammar, etc?  Contact us at theprincess [at] princesspricklepants.com

If you are interested in getting a pet African Pygmy Hedgehog, here’s our page with some information and resources.

Looking for a hedgehog name, behold the glory of this list.

Her Highness has a Facebook fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/princesspricklepants

A somewhat active instagram account here: https://instagram.com/princesspenelopepricklepants/

A lightly used Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/PPricklepants

A Pinterest hedgehog board here: https://www.pinterest.com/ppricklepants/hedgehog/

And a barely used Tumblr here: http://princesspenelopepricklepants.tumblr.com/

Feel free to add Her Higness to your professional network on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/penelope-pricklepants-98198010a

Notable facts about Princess Pricklepants:

Likes: modeling for photos, crawling under shirts, being carried outside, exploring new smells, cat food, sleep

Dislikes: mealworms, any food that isn’t cat food, audible sound, every minor environmental change, waking up, everything not in the Likes list.

Favorite letter: P

Favorite number: yes

Favorite TV show: Downton Abbey

Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day (though it really should be called Hedgehog Day)

Favorite food: Cat food (and only cat food, which she prefers to eat without any audience).

Favorite color: She’s unsure since she’s colorblind, but think’s it might be pink.

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