Princess Pricklepants, the Animated Feature(s)

Dear reader,

Exciting news!  We now present to you two animated features highly worth watching.

First, we present Hedgezilla vs. Mecha-Hedgezilla, our very brief homage to Godzilla movies.  It even has a delightful soundtrack.


Secondly, we present to you this magnificent, refined, and tasteful book trailer which is an elegant and captivating viewing experience:

As an added bonus, we’re included for free, this additional video, which is less magnificent, refined, and tasteful, but still delightful as a viewing experience:

We hope you enjoyed these.  The book trailers refer to this remarkable work of literature which if you don’t have a copy of you should make sure to order so you can get it in time for Christmas:

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been working on learning how to create animations. Expect more to come, and subscribe to our Youtube channel if you’s like to keep up.

As a special ultimate bonus finale, we present yet another new video:

Coming soon: Princess Pricklepants, Novelist.

3 thoughts on “Princess Pricklepants, the Animated Feature(s)

    • Thanks! There’s a good bit of Terry Gilliam in there too. We’re starting with simpler things since animation’s not only really complicated to learn, but rather time intensive, but hopefully we’ll have something with a proper beginning middle and end eventually.


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